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See FINOS’ Github for our full list of repos from our nearly 100 projects & 11 programs.

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    FINOS Foundation Website

    Fintech Open Source Foundation: We're a Community Creating Open-Source Solutions for Financial Services. Providing an independent setting to deliver software and standards that address common industry challenges and drive innovation.

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    FINOS Landscape

    This landscape is intended as a map to explore the Financial Services Open Source and Open Standard Projects hosted by the FINOS Foundation.

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    FINOS Podcasts

    A link to the FINOS Community Anchor FM podcast channel.

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    FINOS Slack

    A direct link to the login portal of the FINOS Community Slack Message board.

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    FINOS LinkedIn

    A Link to the FINOS Community LinkedIn profile.

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    FINOS Twitter

    A link to the FINOS Community Twitter feed.

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    Morphir Homepage

    Morphir is a multi-language system built on a data format that captures an application’s domain model and business logic in a technology agnostic manner. Having all the business knowledge available as data allows you to process it programmatically in various ways.

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    Morphir Github Homepage

    See the full list links in our main Morphir Github here.