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Fintech Open Source Foundation: We're a Community Creating Open-Source Solutions for Financial Services. Providing an independent setting to deliver software and standards that address common industry challenges and drive innovation.

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    FINOS Landscape

    This landscape is intended as a map to explore the Financial Services Open Source and Open Standard Projects hosted by the FINOS Foundation.

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    FINOS GitHub Organization

    See FINOS’ Github for our full list of repos from our nearly 100 projects & 11 programs.

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    FINOS Open Source in Finance Podcast

    The FINOS Open Source in Finance Podcast celebrates open source projects and interesting topics at the cross section of financial services and open source. So far, our industry experts have discussed practical applications of and their real-world experiences with a range of open source projects including desktop interoperability, low code platforms, synthetic data, and data modeling. They’ve also discussed best practices for inner source, common myths about open source and why commercial companies choose to introduce open source offerings. Tune in to hear what comes next.

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    FINOS Slack

    A direct link to the login portal of the FINOS Community Slack Message board.

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    FINOS LinkedIn

    A Link to the FINOS Community LinkedIn profile.

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    FINOS Twitter

    A link to the FINOS Community Twitter feed.