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    Timebase CE, with Connectivity to Crypto Exchanges

    In this session, Matt will talk about TimeBase Community Edition and how the Open Source Community can leverage this technology to build their own analytical models, data visualizations, and unique applications. TimeBase has been the time-series data warehouse and messaging middleware underpinning Deltix/EPAM Real-Time Computing Lab technology for over fifteen years. In this talk, Matt will share some of the reasoning behind submitting this technology to the open source community, and discuss the developments to the product inspired by the community. Additionally, there will be discussion surrounding easy-of-use and integration into existing solutions.

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    Proactive & Polymorphic Adaptation of Multi-cloud Deployments

    During the session, entitled: “Proactive and polymorphic adaptation of multi-cloud deployments”, Alicja & Pawel will present how to implement Multi-Cloud native strategies using an advanced open-source framework. Such framework allows for Cloud-agnostic Cross-Cloud deployment and optimized management of a Cloud application based on flexible monitoring, context-aware maximization of the application owner’s utility of the deployed application, and autonomic reconfiguration based on the application’s current execution context. During this session, speakers will provide a practical introduction to Multi-Cloud application modelling, configuration, deployment, and adaptation. All stages of the Cloud deployment planning and designing process will be shown. Also, all the key steps in the deployment and autonomic application management will be demonstrated.

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    Mission Critical Data & Evaluating the Community in OSS Tech

    Apache Cassandra is used in the critical path of most Global Banks yet one might ask why it’s so important in so many financial institutions. A modernised, cloud native data platform is table stakes as we face new challenges and possibilities. Today, we see this in open banking, cryptocurrencies, data governance, etc. requiring faster, more automated, and accountable data applications at lower operational overheads. While we broadly utilise open source tech to solve these challenges around speed, elasticity, cost and operational overhead, and data governance - is open source really up to the task? Are communities involved in these technologies ready to continuously deliver? In this session Mick Semb Wever, PMC Chair for Apache Cassandra and Services Leader at DataStax, will discuss how Apache Cassandra, having established itself as THE NoSQL database over the last decade, has re-energised its community and feature development and talk about how ING, Danske Bank and MobilePay leverage open source for real-time payments, fraud detection and KYC. This will be backed up with working code examples and demo applications the audience can use for themselves.

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    Reducing the Barrier to Entry for Blockchain by Leveraging the Capabilities of Kubernetes

    The Google Cloud Financial Services Industry Solutions team has released an open source blueprint solution for regulatory reporting, which can help transform the data supply chain in the regulatory reporting process to produce timely and reliable reports. The solution leverages an open ecosystem of frameworks which allows leveraging the scalability and economics of cloud in an accessible and portable manner. In this talk, the Google Cloud Financial Services Industry Solutions team will present the solution, the important role of open source, and areas where collaborators can get involved to further advance it.

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    Building an Open Source Payment Center

    Faster than credit card transactions, more efficient than Bitcoin, as private as email and free as GPL. GNU Taler is a payment system that you can install, modify and use for payments, withdrawals, tips and more. In this workshop, we will start with the basic concepts and components of GNU Taler and later jump into building a payment system from the command line. In the process, we will see how it can get integrated with the current bank's API, and test the experience of selling and buying with digital money. In the end, you will learn that a digital payment system is possible without compromising people's privacy or creating a digital asset in a distributed ledger.

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    OS in Fintech Meetup – Code Coverage Paradox – February 2021

    OS in Fintech Meetup - Code Coverage Paradox - February 2021

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    ISC at OSR – Capital One’s InnerSource Journey – February 2021

    ISC at OSR - Capital One's InnerSource Journey - February 2021

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    APAC Meetup – Symphony BDK for Java – March 2021

    APAC Meetup - Symphony BDK for Java - March 2021

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    OS in Fintech Meetup – Order Book Simulation w Perspective – March 2021

    OS in Fintech Meetup - Order Book Simulation w Perspective - March 2021


    Application Modeling and Automation

    Stephen Goldbaum, Morgan Stanley and Adam Hurwitz, Microsoft, explain how Morphir and Dapr turn business concepts into transparent and reliable cloud services.