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Today, the nature of every financial services organization is being redefined by technological transformation. As part of this transformation, organizations that embrace open-source software development and common standards will be best positioned to capture the growth opportunities presented by open innovation. At The Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS), our mission is to provide a trusted, independent, and efficient forum for this cooperation to flourish.

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    The Power of Open Source

    Download the in-depth article discussing the adoption and innovation of open source, with a perspective from Symphony, Goldman Sachs and FINOS. Learn how open source helps build the technical ability of engineers, and why it’s the driving force behind disruptive innovations such the cloud, blockchain and big data.

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    FINOS Foundation Website

    Fintech Open Source Foundation: We're a Community Creating Open-Source Solutions for Financial Services. Providing an independent setting to deliver software and standards that address common industry challenges and drive innovation.

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    FINOS GitHub Organization

    See FINOS’ Github for our full list of repos from our nearly 100 projects & 11 programs.

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    The 2021 State of Open Source in Financial Services

    This report identifies the extent to which the financial services industry is active in open source, creating a baseline of understanding of governance, leadership, consumption, contribution, culture, and overall open source aspiration. Further, the report highlights the obstacles and challenges to improving industry-wide collaboration and concludes with a set of actionable insights for improving the state of open source in financial services.