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    FDC3 Overview Slides

    Scroll through the slides for an overview including how you can get involved.

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    FDC3 in the Wild – Real World Use Cases that Help Evolve the Standard

    Many firms are becoming familiar with the universal open-source FDC3 standard and understand how it is integral to interoperability between financial applications. However, firms may not be aware of real world use cases that are being solved for today. In this presentation, we discuss how FDC3 is used in the wild, with special guest Symphony to discuss how FDC3-connected applications have helped to solve their end user pain points. +See workflows live action workflows presented by Symphony +Hear from Chief Product Officer Eugene Sorenson how clients are embracing the standard +Understand how, as an application provider, you can benefit from becoming FDC3-enabled to help your clients.

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    What’s New with FDC3 v.2.0?

    The last year has been an incredibly busy one for the FDC3 community, culminating in the release of the recently completed FDC3 2.0 Standard. This is the first major revision to the Standard since the v1.0 release in 2019 and there are many new features and developments to share. In this presentation, FDC3 experts and co-lead maintainers Kris West and Riko Eksteen will walk you through some of the most recent additions and how they help FDC3 adopters to both tackle new use-cases and improve on existing ones. They’ll be presenting an overview of: +How FDC3 has evolved from context sharing and intents to supporting complex workflows with transactions and feeds. +New Intents (actions) and Context definitions supporting real-world workflows. +The new app directory standard, enabling vendors and firms to publish their apps to run on any Desktop Agent. +The new and improved Standards portal website. +What's next for FDC3. This thirty minute presentation will make sure you’ve got all the information you need about the newest updates to FDC3. Please join us!