Building An Open Source Ecosystem for FDC3 – Nick Kolba 27 April 2022

It’s been almost 5 years since the FDC3 standards initiative kicked off. In that time, FDC3 has grown from a gleam in the eyes of a handful of technologists to a living and thriving standard adopted by a critical mass of banks and buy-side firms as well as key data and service providers such as FactSet and Symphony. The success of the FDC3 standard has been driven by the heroic efforts of its community and maintainers, as well as by a real need in the market for an open solution to the application interop problem. Throughout this time, one critical piece of the ecosystem has been missing: a complete and fully open source implementation. Today I am excited to announce that this is no longer the case, and a fully Electron based open source implementation has been contributed to FINOS, where we are expecting it to be a critical resource for the FDC3 developer community.