Data Platforms Made Easy – Introducing TRAC D.A.P.

With TRAC D.A.P. we introduce a radically new approach to building data platforms for highly regulated industries, that combines the power, flexibility and insight of modern analytic tools with Total Repeatability, Audit and Control (TRAC). In this talk, we will present the design approach we used to develop the TRAC platform, which can be useful to anyone who is looking to build or improve platforms for model development and execution. We'll look at how the new architectural paradigm can change the business, by re-drawing the boundary between business and technology to allow truly independent ownership and delivery. We'll also be covering the TRAC D.A.P. software itself, which is now part of FINOS under an Apache license. TRAC D.A.P. is a complete implementation of a platform built on these principles and available for free to anyone who needs a modern, powerful environment for model development and execution. The talk will include a demo.