How to Be a Good Corporate Citizen in Open Source

Collaboration in open source projects is important for companies, but it can be difficult to strike the right balance between the needs of the company and the open source project. This can create friction and put pressure on employees who participate on behalf of their company when the needs of the individual, the company, and the community are not aligned. This talk will focus on ways to create this alignment and help all of us be successful together. Communities are a critical component of open source projects, and the way that people participate can reflect positively or negatively on the person and organization that they represent. The majority of work in some projects, like Kubernetes, is done by people working for a wide variety of organizations, and the success of many projects requires participation from these companies. The talk contains three major sections: 1) Dynamics of collaboration in open source projects between individuals, companies, and communities. 2) Strategies for participating in ways that will benefit your company, your employees, and the community. 3) Tips for being a good corporate citizen as you contribute to open source projects.

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    Resources from Nava Levy’s Talk

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