Open Sourcing Legend: Pierre de Belen, Goldman Sachs

Pierre DeBelen, the creator of Legend, provides a broad survey of the challenges of data management and how Legend can help in addressing them. - 2020 Open Source Strategy Forum

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    FINOS “Legend: New Features Deep Dive” Community Meeting

    Join the Legend team to learn about the most recently open sourced Legend features.

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    Propose a New FINOS Project that Uses Legend Studio

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    Onboarding FINOS and JAR/MAVEN into systems for FINOS

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    Consuming Legend Data Models & Services Using BI, Python/ML & Other Tools

    Join Andrew Ormerod and John Pentelow from Goldman Sachs to learn about consuming Legend data models & services using Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning (ML), and other tools. The whole world is not model based, which is why we need tabular slices of data to integrate with those tools. This session will focus on Legend's capability to project slices of data in order to integrate with business intelligence and analytics tools. Andrew and John will discuss the TDS protocol, how it translates to query execution plans, and how it is being used within the firm. They will also demo integrations with Pandas, Trino, and other custom integrations.

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    Case Study: FINOS Legend

    In November 2019, at the FINOS flagship Open Source Strategy Forum, FINOS Platinum member Goldman Sachs announced its intention to open source its internally developed Legend data management platform. Legend provides an excellent opportunity to bring subject matter expertise to data models, as its single, visual platform enables engineers and non-engineers - regardless of their technical background - to develop data-centric applications and data-driven insights. Between April and September 2020, Goldman Sachs led several data modeling efforts as part of the FINOS Legend Studio Pilot to develop extensions to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association's Common Domain Model (ISDA CDM). Legend was open sourced and contributed into FINOS in late 2020 and is available on GitHub for anyone to use and contribute to.


    FINOS Legend 101 Walkthrough

    In this video, Beeke-Marie Nelke a Vice President from the Goldman Sachs Legend team, will show you how to build a use case driven data model in Legend Studio while covering all of the tool’s core functionality.