Reflecting on Grass-roots InnerSource at Morgan Stanley – Aaron Searle January 2021

This particular webinar for OSR featured the second in a series of collaborations between FINOS and InnerSource Commons. Aaron's presentation was integral in showing how InnerSource can work from the ground up in banks, even when there is not a top-down emphasis (yet), highlighting collaboration efforts of different groups.  Panelists from this OSR session also discussed Aaron's questions on how to get better at InnerSourcing in early stages within your organization.

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    Open Source Readiness Github Homepage

    Accelerate financial services firms’ journeys toward open source readiness, by advancing the readiness of participants’ firms and informing guidance for the broader industry in the form of white papers, presentations, and blog posts.

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    How Deutsche Bank uses InnerSource in Engineering – Daniela Zheleva December 2020

    How Deutsche Bank uses InnerSource in Engineering - Lightning Talk

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    Google Cloud Platform & Open Source Software – Jeff Bates June 2020

    Short history of Google's work with OSS, leading up to today's work in a Cloud-centric environment. Jeff Bates has been involved in open source at Google for over 10 years and currently works in Google's Open Source Program Office. He helps internal teams and Google customers launch open source projects, and also works with partners to integrate open source products with Google's cloud infrastructure. He'll present a retrospective of Google's open source efforts over the last 10 years, including how the company has managed its regulatory obligations in its open source efforts.

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    InnerSource Commons at FINOS Open Source Readiness January 2021

    Video: InnerSource Commons at FINOS Open Source Readiness January 2021

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    Improving Enterprise Open Source Development Impact – Ibrahim Haddad January 2020

    Enterprise open source development and involvement has its own set of challenges, but it becomes much easier if you have a clear plan to follow. If you're one of the growing list of companies that relies on open source software for their products and services, investing time and money into improving your open source practices can pay off immensely in the long run. Fortunately, there are many success stories of companies getting involved and becoming leaders in various open source domains that they charted a path you can follow to improve your own contributions and aim for a leadership role. This talk offers a practical guide to a number of practices that enterprises can adopt to help them grow their footprint in open source projects and some of the lessons learned starting and operating open source program offices in the past two decades.

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    InnerSource As The First Step Toward Open Source – Anthony Vacca September 2020

    Setting up an OSPO is easy, but establishing a culture that adopts Open Source in a collaborative fashion takes time.  This talk will provide the 4 Horizon approach taken to establish an OSPO.  Once we review the 4 horizons, we will focus on Horizon 1: Establishing an InnerSource culture.

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    Panel – Running an Open Source Project from Inside a Bank April 2021

    Video: Panel - Running an Open Source Project from Inside a Bank April 2021

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    Here Be Dragons, Debunking Myths in Enterprise Open Source Engagement – Justin Rackliffe February 2020

    Justin Rackliffe has found that FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) busting is an essential part of helping Fidelity include open collaboration in their digital transformation efforts. He will share  practices and tools that provide oversight of associate engagement and foster a culture of shared responsibility and innovation at all contribution levels - essentials for open source in financial services. Justin is responsible for how Fidelity approaches external open communities and oversee their emerging Open Source Program Office.

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    Panel – Unlocking Opportunity & Managing Risk in Open Source Contribution December 2021

    To realize the full benefit of open source software, financial institutions need to move beyond managing their use of open source and enable their developers to contribute back to the projects they depend on. But contribution comes with a new set of challenges and questions: How do you evaluate contributions for the presence of potentially valuable IP? What kinds of controls and reviews are necessary to prevent disclosure of private and sensitive data? What open source license obligations do contributions trigger? In this panel discussion, three experienced open source IP attorneys answer these and other common questions that large companies have about contributing to open source projects. 

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    Open Source Contribution Policies that Don’t Suck – Tobie Langel March 2020

    Open source contribution policies are long, boring, overlooked documents, that generally suck. They're designed to protect the company at all costs. But in the process, end up hurting engineering productivity, and morale. Sometimes they even unknowingly put corporate IP at risk. But that's not inevitable. It's possible to write open source contribution policies that make engineers lives easier, boost morale and productivity, reduce attrition, and attract new talent. And it's possible to do so while reducing the company's IP risk, not increasing it. In this talk, we will look at the general structure of open source contribution policies, examples in the wild, and tactics to make them suck less. We'll also look at how to turn these policies into self-service software, preventing the tedious email back and forth between engineering and legal, and making open source contribution a breeze.

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    Open Data Licensing – Kathleen Lu October 2020

    Open data and open data licensing has many similarities to open source and open source licensing, but also several unique aspects. This talk provides an introductory primer on open data and open data licensing.

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    How Can a Regulated Industry Business Get Ready for Open Source – Danese Cooper June 2020

    Video: How Can a Regulated Industry Business Get Ready for Open Source - Danese Cooper June 2020