Triaging Open Source Governance – Getting Your Program on the Right Track – Andrew Aitken December 2020

Every organization is somewhere along an open source adoption curve. Understanding how to figure out where you are, recognizing the key attributes of where you are, and knowing what and how your organization wants to leverage open source moving forward are key steps in setting your open source program on the right path. Once you have the requisite level of institutional knowledge, applying the right people, processes, tools and funding are next in protecting the organization and beginning the process of realizing all the benefits open source has to offer. Using experience garnered from 100+ engagements, many of them for financial services organizations and real world case studies, this presentation will focus on how to move from a reactive and fear-based mode to a proactive, control-your-own-destiny model. This will include reviewing an enterprise maturity model, discussing activity sequencing, and setting realistic expectations. We’ll also discuss best practices and common pitfalls for organizations seeking to understand how to get the most from their existing and future use and investment in open source.

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