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Waltz is being developed as open source application and is hosted on Github and is being built via Travis. Click here to see our repository.

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    Podcast: What’s New with FDC3 v.2.0?

    In this episode of the podcast, Grizz sits down with Riko Eksteen, Head of Desktop Strategy for Adaptive Financial Consulting to talk about The FDC3 Journey. Riko will be taking the stage at the FINOS Open Source in Finance Forum (OSFF) on July 13th in London talking about what is new in FDC3, but we wanted to have a more in depth talk on Riko's journey, and the journey that FDC3 has taken over the years. Plus, we delve into the importance of open sourcing an interoperability standards project like FDC3, and the inherent benefits you derive from that process. Riko's OSFF Talk - July 13 London: https://sched.co/12VZB

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    Case Study: FINOS Legend

    In November 2019, at the FINOS flagship Open Source Strategy Forum, FINOS Platinum member Goldman Sachs announced its intention to open source its internally developed Legend data management platform. Legend provides an excellent opportunity to bring subject matter expertise to data models, as its single, visual platform enables engineers and non-engineers - regardless of their technical background - to develop data-centric applications and data-driven insights. Between April and September 2020, Goldman Sachs led several data modeling efforts as part of the FINOS Legend Studio Pilot to develop extensions to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association's Common Domain Model (ISDA CDM). Legend was open sourced and contributed into FINOS in late 2020 and is available on GitHub for anyone to use and contribute to.

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    Morphir Github Homepage

    See the full list links in our main Morphir Github here.


    Morphir Explained

    Meet Morphir...a multi-language system built on a data format that captures an application’s domain model and business logic in a technology agnostic manner.

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    Morphir Factsheet

    Welcome to Morphir - Sharing business logic across people and technologies.

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    Morphir Homepage

    Morphir is a multi-language system built on a data format that captures an application’s domain model and business logic in a technology agnostic manner. Having all the business knowledge available as data allows you to process it programmatically in various ways.

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    Morphir Github Examples

    While the core idea behind Morphir is very simple it’s still challenging to describe it because it doesn’t fit into any well-known categories. To help you understand what it is and how you can use it to solve real-world problems we put together a tutorial here.


    Morphir: A Single Language for Business and Technology

    Attila Mihaly, Morgan Stanley, explains the transformational power of Morphir. Financial software is an amazing feat of collaboration between two groups of experts who speak entirely different languages. Imagine what they could achieve if they spoke the same language! Morphir is a single language for business and technology that shapeshifts into a familiar form whether that is a flow diagram or your favourite programming language. In his talk, Attila will show how domain and technology experts can work together to build and test a solution in minutes. Then he is going to show how the same business logic can be executed on multiple different technology platforms without manual coding. Finally, Attila will give you real-world examples of how Morphir facilitates collaboration between different technology teams even if they work in wildly different business domains.


    Waltz Navigation: Introducing the Sidebar

    Waltz 1.36 (late August 2021) introduces a new way to navigate between sections on a page. We have removed the horizontal section menu and replaced it with a new sidebar. The sidebar makes it easier to see what sections are available and can be collapsed to save space. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


    Waltz Deployment: Getting Started

    In October 2021 we gave a short talk at the FINOS members-only meetup in London which detailed how to get Waltz up and running quickly.


    Open Sourcing Legend: Pierre de Belen, Goldman Sachs

    Pierre DeBelen, the creator of Legend, provides a broad survey of the challenges of data management and how Legend can help in addressing them. - 2020 Open Source Strategy Forum


    FINOS Legend 101 Walkthrough

    In this video, Beeke-Marie Nelke a Vice President from the Goldman Sachs Legend team, will show you how to build a use case driven data model in Legend Studio while covering all of the tool’s core functionality.